Google Goggles Image Recognition App

The search engine Google has developed many new technological items that people use on a daily basis. From finding information from a search to giving driving directions to providing free text messaging and calls Google has broken many boundaries. Google goggles is a downloadable image recognition app that helps make the lives of people even easier. This app uses a picture that a person takes on their cell phone or other internet enabled device and performs a search. A person does not have to type anything in. All the information and top items related to the picture will be right there in front of them.
There are many everyday uses for this app. All a person has to do it take a picture of what they need and Google will provide search results. For example if a person takes a picture of a food item Google can tell them where it is on sale. This app is even able to recognize barcodes off of these items to help a person find where they are sold and at the best price. If a person takes a picture of a famous landmark such as a painting in a museum Google will provide search results with all the information about that picture. Google is already working with the Metropolitan Museum of Art to be able to provide visitors with all the information about their artwork by just sending in a picture. This is just the beginning of what Google Goggles can do for a business or an organization.
This app is just beginning to be used by businesses. Once more businesses start utilizing the app they will be able to advertise their products and services. They can give background information about the company as well as prices. This is just the beginning . Students can use Google goggles to find information for their research papers for accurate web sources. This app is used with iPhones, iPads, and other devices with an iOS4.0 operating systems. As more businesses start to use this hands free search engine the easier it will be for people to get the results they need with just the touch of a button.

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