Advertising, What Separates The Successful From The Strugglers.

The Importance Of Advertising In Today’s Marketplace

Advertising in today’s ever-changing business market is vital for new and existing companies to increase sales and brand awareness. New modes of advertising brought about by the advent of the Internet and digital technology make properly conceived advertising campaigns more cost effective than ever before. The low cost of Internet advertising alternatives allow small businesses to reach more potential customers while still being able to scale their marketing expenses to their particular business.

Advertising To A Targeted Audience

Traditional means of advertising like TV, radio and newspaper ads blast messages out to an untargeted audience. PPC, banner ads and various other Internet advertising mediums offer a much more strategic targeting of advertising campaigns to particular demographics of potential customers. Facebook ads can be targeted by location (cities, states), time of day, age, sex, educational background, occupation and even hobbies of viewers. Targeting ads according to market research increases the ROI for businesses tremendously.

Digital Technology Levels The Playing Field

Remember Kodak film? Digital technology has enabled the Internet to be a reality. Images and videos can now be very inexpensively made and delivered instantly. Multimedia advertising campaigns can deliver email, mobile text messaging, video marketing and social marketing in endless combinations. New and existing companies have a multitude of affordable options to increase their brand awareness to their target market of potential customers.

Digital technology has made direct marketing more affordable. Imaging, printing and file sharing improvements have greatly reduced the cost of postcards and other direct mail items. It is now possible to send out a postcard advertisement with a link to a webpage that has a Youtube video, which in turn refers viewers to a Facebook business page which can be viewed on a mobile device! Advertising campaigns today try to take advantage of the synergistic “viral effect” that can be created by combining numerous modes of digital communication.

Advertising in today’s marketplace is essential for both existing and new companies. While the multitude of new modes of advertising can be very cost effective for small and large businesses, marketing campaign strategies must be created with market research and insight to present and future conditions. If a business is not advertising their brand or products using the Internet, their competition most likely will be taking advantage of Internet advertising options to increase their market share.

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